Geometric Characterization of Pointwise Slant Curves

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  • S. K. Srivastava Central University of Himachal Pradesh
  • K. Sood Central University of Himachal Pradesh
  • K. Srivastava Central University of Himachal Pradesh
  • Mohammad Nazrul Islam Khan Qassim University


Semi-Riemannian metrics, Partial differential equations, Mathematical operators, Contact structure, Slant curve, Legendre curve, Lancret


In the present paper, we study the characteristics of pointwise slant curves in a normal almost contact semi-Riemannian three-manifold N3. These curves are characterized by the pseudo-Riemannian scalar product between the normal vector at the curve and the reeb vector field of manifold N3. In this class of manifolds, curvature and torsion of such curves are determined. The Lancret of slant curves in manifold N3 is obtained. Additionally, pointwise slant curves with proper mean
curvature are characterized.


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